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Start a private Hexxit server (Host and decent players needed.)


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I'm looking for some people that would want to start a small private server together, maybe even hamachi. I would host it myself, but i only have 1GB of ram and I am poor so I can't possibly host a server and play at the same time or really host at all.

(It will be a 5 player server)

My Skype: acecreepermc

We should all/most of us play at a time, so no just staying up progressing on the server by yourself when others are unavailable.


  • All of the player requirements (you can skip the inexperienced part if you'd like)
  • A server with enough RAM to support 5 players with decent connection. (We will test before playing for real.)
  • Not to be confused, the host WILL be playing.
  • You need to be equals with the other players. (no commands that only the host uses. For example: we may or may not use the /tp command, depending on how many players/if you want it.)


  • Skype
  • Age 14+
  • Knowledge of minecraft
  • Inexperienced in Hexxit (You can be experienced with the mods, just not too many from Hexxit, I want everyone to play and learn together.)
  • Fair player (The last modded private group i was in had a cheating person that we ended up kicking.)
  • A sense of humor (The last host banned and blocked me for making a pun.)

If you'd like you can do a youtube series or anything because I plan for it to be like a Yogscast type thing.

If you are interested in being the host/a player, send a contact request and message me on skype.

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hey ilooked at hexxit the other day nd thought a small server wouldbe cool umm but me being me ran round looking at the weird plants lol i can host a server and play no problem i have 6gb ram but for somereason i prefer teamspeak im 17 nd i also havea teamspeak sever already :)

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I can't host, sadly. The only mod I really know is Tinker's Construct, plus a very basic understanding of other mods. I am 15, but cannot play too often. I don't mind being like a sort of special guest when I do play though. I have skype, but my mic is broken and I can't afford to get a good new one right now. I can type fast enough in MC chat to get replies across, though.

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this sounds great i would love to play with a small amout of people especially on skype

sorry but i cant host and just got the mod to actually work lol

im actually getting a brand new mic but so far i have an iphone mic and if i get my OBS i might wither stream or record if u like

my skype is (mori_sempai or ~Panda~ if u cant find the first one ^^ and i have team speak to

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Im willing to be the host as i already owe a server my skype is - kamil.goreczny2 if you add me say in the message that your from here :)

the server is currently down for some reason but if i cannot get it up then i'm wiling to be part of the group



Due to the fact that im getting a better internet from end of August Beginning Of September i might be able to host a small server i have 8GB of ram :)

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