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Looking for a voltz war server


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okay first off If this is in wrong spot let me know immediately, I sat here reading through all guidelines and posts trying to figure out if I post this here or in server area, I am posting here base don shear chance, so sorry again of this is in wrong area.

So here goes my post

Alright so here is my issue, I love Voltz. I love the idea of wars and factions killing each other for better loot it just fascinates me. However, Every time you go to some faction war voltz server its always the same thing, all the factions are either A.Not recruiting B.just a bunch of 1 man factions or C. no actual command within it, just one dictator.

What I am looking for is a server that I have never heard of and came up with myself. If anyone out there can help me find this server, or create this server, you would be my hero forever. This idea, is a voltz server in which once you join, you have an option to join 1 of 4 factions. Factions that are located in their specific biome. For instance, the Jungle Faction, the Mountain Faction, something along those lines.

In each faction is a system of ranks. General, Corporal, Private, recruit, etc. The leader of each faction can promote or demote his members accordingly. Once you have chosen your faction, you help with the buildings and constructing of your people. Build towns and shops for people and play your own role within your faction and help with the war effort.

Factions go to war or it can all be peaceful for some time. However, people will attack eventually for more resources and land. This will cause for rivals to be made and friendships as well.

If anyone out there knows of a server like this, or is willing to try and make one then PLEASE, tell me immediately. I am willing to help people if they want to make one. Also, would be nice if people commented on if this is a good idea or not, since I feel it is but would love to hear the communities opinion.

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