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[1.0.5]DayTimeGaming[Factions][PvP][Iconomy][PlayerShops] 24/7 NoLag


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IP = Daytimegaming.us

This server is great. We have a decent amount of staff's but we will always be looking for more. We have a full Website. But this server is a fun pvp/faction/economy server, and we also have 2 mini-games Spleef and paintball and new arena for fair fights. We just got a slot machine plugin so now you can have a chance at money if your lucky. There is also bounties in this server so you can set bounties on people.


  1. No Asking for Staff(it will be giving at the right time or if you apply)
  2. NOOOO spawn killing.
  3. Don't use staffs at /spawn you will be giving 1 warning then ban.
  4. Always be respectful.
  5. Don't offer someone help then tpa to them and just kill them.
  6. Cursing in chat isn't bad but don't be raciest unless you see ifs its okay with everyone.
  7. Respect The staff(Owner/Admins Words are LAW!!)


  • Faction
  • Iconomy
  • Petcreeper
  • Buyregion
  • Spleef
  • Paintball
  • and MuchMore

And if you join Don't forget to Register at our Offical WebSite http://daytimeservers.us/

IP = Daytimegaming.us

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