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[1.0.6] Gamer-Island Tekkit Server [PvE][20 Slots][No myst/EE/dim doors]


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We have a land protection plugin allowing you to protect your land with very minimal thought and typing. To be specific, factions. More on that lower down in the post. For this reason, admins will not put a lot of effort into punishing griefers or replacing your items. This may not seem logical to some people however we do not want people to have more land than we allow in terms of max land claims and still be able to claim their stuff back when they are griefed.

If you do not protect your land using some basic commands and a very small amount of your time, then our philosophy is that you will probably not be contributing positively to our server's community, as you will probably be either ignoring the rules or have no respect for your own constructions.

Our other rules are pretty standard: No spamming; no cursing; no flaming (We don't mind arguments but when you start massively flaming another user, an admin or mod will intervene); no staff abuse; no asking admins for items/change of time/change of weather/ranks; no spamming commands such as /tpa which can be annoying to other users, and finally, a more unique rule, no discussing moderator applications.

We allow you to submit a moderator application using our web interface, however we simply ask you do not bug admins as to the status of your mod app. If you submit a mod app, you should just forget about it. If you get promoted, you'll notice. If not, don't lose hope since some of our apps take months to be reviewed fully.


We, like most servers, have disabled Mystcraft. This is because the massive server overhead and disk space problems it causes. It's also not the most stable multiplayer mod.

Dimensional doors is disabled for the same reason, however we do have plans to eventually open it up to more loyal members of the community. We will give you more detail on this shortly.

Finally we've disabled EE. While it's not as overpowered as on Tekkit Classic, we've made the joint decision that:

1- We do not believe the mod implements enough right now to justify keeping it installed. This is due to the fact that if we have to uninstall it in the future people will be annoyed to lose the current things in it.

2- We do not believe in exchanging infinitely. Our server economy will be dependant on finite stock of resources from mining & mechanised miners. Also, the philosophers stone, for instance, can really make a huge mess of terrain and such and after a few weeks of philosophers stones being in use deserts and fields look incredibly messy from glass & sand etc.


Cannons (Explosions bypass claims), dynamite (Explosions bypass claims), Lux capacitor (Can be placed anywhere; even spawn (Bypasses claims)), Prototype Omniwrench (Whole-server crash bug when used on a Galacticraft machine), Backpacks (Dupe bugs), Certain block breaking turtles (Bypass claims).

Please note that while you may be initially upset that some of these items are banned, they are essential to be banned to ensure safe running of a multiplayer Tekkit environment. If we unban these, your houses and land claims will be at threat and we do not aim to be a raiding server.

While it is unfortunate that some of these had to be banned, we are as sad about it as you. Please don't argue with our staff, as we have justified all our reasons here and we will not take them back unless you provide us with information about patching the bug (Or notify us that it is in fact possible), or otherwise give a reasonable argument against them being disabled which counters the reason they are banned for.

We also do not allow users to place a number of blocks. These include Quarries and certain other mass-terrain-manipulation blocks. Do not fret! We have a very active staff team who will be more than willing to place them for you if you ask nicely.


Factions - Land claim

/f create <name>

Creates a faction or clan/guild. You can invite your friends and all build together.

/f tag <name>

Renames your faction

/f desc <description>

Sets your faction description

/f claim

Claims a chunk (16x16 block of land) from bedrock to sky and stops other users editing it unless you edit your faction's permissions or add said users to your faction

Referrals - Refer your friends and get rewarded!


Get a code you can give to your friends

/redeem <code>

Make your friends type this with your code (Say /codes if you forgot the code you generated). They must do this on the first time they join the server. If they disconnect and reconnect, you will unfortunately not be able to get the reward. This is to stop users abusing it and "referring" each-other for a reward. Note that users using the same router/network will be unable to use this too, to stop alt abuse.

If you redeem a code, you will get 2 diamonds, and the player who gave you the code will get five. So every player you get to join the server you get 5 diamonds for! =) If you refer a lot of users you will get a special surprise too :D

iConomy - In-game currency

Trade currency with other users and use in upcoming plugins such as ChestShop when we install them. A perfect way of a fair trading which cannot be overinflated by people mass-mining any item-based currency.


We're an experienced server management team who've ran multiple servers in the past, including the successful Gamer-Island Tekkit (Classic) server which ran for over a year stably on the same world. This should go to show how well we maintain our worlds and manage banned items and mods in a fair way which ensures your creations can stay as long as possible for you to use!

We have an uptime of 24/7 and when I posted this the server has been on-line for over 7 days straight, discluding restarts for plugin installation & modification. We can obviously not promise this uptime but we will do our best to ensure downtime is minimal and solved ASAP. Certain senior staff have the ability to view our console and modify core files which means that even when I'm not online, the server problems can still be solved.

While our server is not 100% set-up, we feel it is more than stable enough now to allow the crowds to join and our spawn will have player shops which means we need a community before we can fully establish our spawn area. We also want to see how well our hardware fares with the increasing online count, so this will be a point of interest. Rest assured that if we ever hit our maximum slots we will be greatly considering upgrading our hardware.










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