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Trying to increase computer speed for Tekkit Lite


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To get right to the point, my computer sucks at Minecraft, and I can’t figure out why.

I have a Toshiba Satellite L755 laptop with an Intel Core i3 2330M CPU running at 2.20 GHz, 4 GB of RAM, 4 GB ReadyBoost memory cache on an 8 GB micro SD chip, (computer has a built-in SD card port, saves room for USB devices when traveling), 8192 MB paging file on the main hard drive, Intel Graphics Family driver, and 64 bit Windows 7 Home Premium OS.

I am playing on a fairly decent server, Five kingdoms Tekkit Lite,(Play.fivekingdoms.net, colonies.fivekingdoms.net) as I cannot run SSP very well, and now I cannot even open a single player world without the game crashing.

In an effort to increase gaming speed, I have:

Downloaded and installed Optifine 1.4.6 HD into the Tekkit Lite pack.

Used AVG Tuneup to:

Defragment the hard drive

Delete registry errors

Delete incorrect shortcuts

Disable programs running in the background

Boost performance using their performance booster

Disable slow startup programs

Disable slow shutdown programs

Set all vanilla and Optifine settings as low as they can go, such as:

Render distance set to tiny

Performance set to max FPS

View bobbing off

Advanced OpenGL on fast

Clouds off

Graphics set to fast

And with the exception of:

3D items - as they turn on the ground, they will often seem to disappear, which makes them difficult to pick up.

Fog - a bug on windows 7 (needs confirmation, tested on two computers, desktop and laptop, both running Windows 7) causes the night vision potion to cause the client to blackscreen for the duration of the potion.

Smooth lighting – a bug with RedPower 2 blocks causes them to render as if the light level is significantly lower than it really is when smooth lighting is disabled. I have been forced to disable this also, as of recently.

Made sure to not have any other programs running while I play with the exception of Skype, which I also have to disable at times.

Tested nearly every version and combination of versions of java I have access to, including:

Java 6

Java 7 Update 25

Java 6 (64 Bit)

Java 7 (64 Bit)

Java 7 Update 25 (64Bit)


JavaFX (64 Bit)

Java SE 7 Update 25 bundle with JavaFX

Java SE 7 Update 25 bundle with JavaFX (64 Bit)


JDK with JavaFX

My best results so far have been with Java 7 Update 25 (64Bit) and JavaFX (64 Bit). That seemed to stop working, currently using only Java 7 Update 25 (64Bit).

Deleted unused programs

Cleared program shortcuts from the desktop

Disconnected my external hard drive while playing

Disabled my dual external screen while playing

Set all settings in the performance options for windows to max performance.

Set Minecraft’s allocated RAM to 3 of my total 4

Increased the java Permgen size

Transferred the mods in the modpack over to the bin file for the pre-1.6.1 vanilla Minecraft launcher.

I still get about 30-50 FPS out in the middle of nowhere, but it skips upon any block updates. It drops to a jumpy 10-20 FPS if I get within render distance of the machines in my house.

I have an unfortunately small budget, and am trying to avoid replacing my computer.

If anyone has any suggestions, please respond.

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I have had issues previously playing any mod packs using the Technic launcher or vanilla launcher when not in full-screen, my computer is hugely overkill for playing Minecraft even with the amount of mods added by some of the Technic mod packs, if i turn v-sync off i get around 300-fps and massive screen tearing. F11 to swap to full-screen, or in the graphical options. Hope that helps!

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