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Big dig 1.3.13 and GLSL/Optifine


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Hello! I've been trying to get Big Dig 1.3.13 to work with Optifine for ages. Here's my findings:

I have tried to put Optifine 1.5.2 HD Ultra D5 and D2 into the modpacks folder. However, D5 results in a nonstandard launch where FML does not load any mods and minecraft loads as Vanilla w/o anything even Optifine. D2 results in the same response. I suspect some of the overwritten modpack.jar classes are necessary for forge operations =/

For those who have managed to get Big Dig working with shaders, please give some guidance on how exactly I should install this without Magic Launcher.

I've searched a LOT of threads. Most are old information and i can't really seem to make sense of it.


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