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[1.0.5] Multiplay :: Hexxit Server! [PVE][17 slots][open][no mods removed]


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We are a small 17 player server without whitelist. The server is run by me and my bro and offers simplified hexxit gameplay. we are new to hexxit and find it more fun to play with people than be on your own. We have half a year server hosting experience and eager to try something new

Rules: no hacking, no directed verbal attacks on staff or members, no advertising, no continuous spam/swearing, or asking for op

Mods and banned items:

We do not have anything banned since as we just started the server and hadn't had any problems and are smp hexxit server server.

Plugins: None because my host does not support plugin version of the hexxit yet, only the simplified version.

uptime: 24:7 unless the server crash happens with no one available to restart it

PlayerOne773 and digibox2222 are the server owners feel free to ask questions or for some help if there is a problem

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