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Railcraft Signal Blocks

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Hi All,

I am trying to pair two signal blocks together using the signal block surveyor tool. I keep getting an error "other pair out of range".

My signal blocks are in sight of each other and are only 5 blocks apart.

Any one had this before? Any ideas appreciated

:-) :-(

MOD EDIT: Don't do this

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Some Rules for the Signal:

- no curve

- max 140 blocks (i think)

- max 3 blocks away from the track

- when you build a 2-way track (2 tracks side by side) then make it on the free side, where is no track

when this all is okay, then remove the camera and usw a new camera. This is on my server very often. The new camera fix this.

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somtimes with the signal blocks... if a signal block was selected to pair then you delete it it stays waiting for a second signal block to be paired but it cant because it is not there anymore... removing the survayor from your inventory and crafting a new one should resolve it. i have had this problem many times

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