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BattleCraft Tekkit Lite [factions] [pvp] [survival] [no raiding]


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BattleCraft is a fun experiance with caring admins, and for the most part, good treatment from player to player. We are a pvp server without the fear of losing your base from a raid.

We also have random 'events' for players to earn in game money, this money can be used to buy anything from admin shop items, or buy your own shop and display your items to get more money.

We hope you may at least take a second to try the server out, because who knows, it could be better then you thought.

Owners: 149580 and NobleBullShark

Admins: MasterMind205, Mastermind206, and Enderfriend207

Mods: To be determained.

Website URL: www.battlecrafttekkitlite.webs.com

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