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FamilyStyleGaming: Let's Play Technic Big Dig 1.3.13


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We take the latest version of Big Dig for a pre-release spin. With the changes in Mod packs it should be a challenge. We will truly miss Equivalent Exchange 2 and IndustrialCraft 2 but we will find a way to make it work. Our first challenge will be power and power storage. Tune in to see how it goes.

FSG Technic Big Dig 1.3.13 Let's Play:

FamilyStyleGaming is a channel for the modern gaming family, Lennel (Dad), Too_Hot_G (14), Dora44529(10), KeiraJJ(6) and GreenLeith (4). The younger two always make it interesting.

Z_E_T_H, HikyM and Thrillnutz are the older kids, but they don't spend much time away from their Iphones :-)

Yes, That's 7 kids....Enjoy

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I made this account to just post this. You guys are funny. Not sure why you don't have more subscribers. Keep up the good work and they will come. Your latest video with the Chocobo glitching at the end was hilarious!! How does toohotg know so much about bigdig? I didn't know you could plant the upside down trees any place but the nether.

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Thanks Kevin we appreciate your support. Too_Hot_G and GreenLeith spend hours on the internet a day checking updates and watching all the YouTube videos they can squeeze in. We home-school so they can jump on several times a day to keep up on all the mods we play and Minecraft's steady stream of updates as well.

We just uploaded our 20th episode of Big Dig. We go to the nether and it's not pretty... Hope you like it as well.

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