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Sorting Machine Jam


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Yes i know there's millions of posts like this. But the issue im having is quite strange. I've checked and double checked that all my sorters are getting power and such. Now it seems that my sorting system has an issue with ingots of all types. Everything works just fine untill i try and put in an ingot. As soon at it goes into the sorter, it shows a solid color instead of blinking with the pulse of my timer. I thought it might be a texture bug but when i log back on its like theres a lever under it powering it. I've put in Rm, Dm, logs, wood, marble, and basicly everything else works just fine. But even a vanilla ingot like iron or gold jams it up. Ive broken the entire thing and put it back and still nothing. And the pipes are all hooked in correctly. It only seems to happen when i try and sort the ingots (yes i have the ingot put into the sorter if i didnt it would go right to the end). I'll post screenshots if needed. Please help.Thanks in advance!

PS: If you want to join the server and see the problem first hand ask me and ill send u a message


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