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AstronautCreeper's Voltz 2.0.4 server


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This is a small server with no banned items. It also doesn't have plugins, so its just a vanilla voltz server if that makes any sense. Here are the rules:

  • Don't grief. No one likes getting their stuff destroyed, and this will get you banned. Stealing is allowed though.
  • No hacked clients allowed or x-ray textures. Both will get you banned
  • You can dupe/exploit bugs if you want, but don't overdo it.
  • No laggy machines, you'll get kicked the first few times, then a ban
  • No asking for op, items, or gamemode. If you need an item you can't find, I can trade for something of equal value. Breaking this rule will get you kicked, then ban.
  • Please remove 1x1 towers and fill in 1x1 holes when you finish them, also don't destroy the landscape. This will get you banned.

Those are the only rules. If you need a teleport to somewhere, ask me(AstronautCreeper), if I'm feeling generous, I'll teleport you there. Don't keep asking me though

That's pretty much it, Please join my server:

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