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I"m looking for people to play Tekkit classic or and Technic mod pack with

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I'm 14 and can make a server I've got a good understanding of Equivalent exchange and overall a 75/100 my Skype is nightslash3000 same as my IGN and idc which mod pack but this is the one im most familiar with. BTW I'm in the central time zone.

fill in the blanks below the ones with ** are optional




Knowledge of Tekkit (1-100):

Which mod pack do you wan to play:

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IGN: Amir1205

Age: 9

Skype: amir1205_king

Knowledge of Tekkit : most people say 100 because they say i am better than my friend that already plays it 6 years or something so 95

And i want to play i am okay with all tekkit modpacks and bigdig and hexxit

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