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TechElites Tekkit Classic PvP


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[3.1.2] Tech Elites [24/7 - PvP - Economy - EE Enabled]

IP = play.techelites.net

Website =

Slots = 50

We're a new Tekkit Classic server with an already growing community. We are always looking for more players to join in the fun and help build a great server which focuses on making the environment enjoyable for the players.

The server is a PvP server, however properties can be claimed and will be protected by grief, properties that have not been claimed however may fall victim to griefing.

== RULES ==

No griefing claimed properties

No hacking or using hacked clients

No duping

Do not harrass staff or players

Do not ask for items lost to CLAG

Swearing is allowed, but be mature

Do not ask to be given ranks

Do not ask for creative mode

Do not ask for staff to spawn in items

Have fun and enjoy playing Tekkit!


World Anchors


Infernal Armor

Black hole band


Tesla Coil

Tunnel Bore


All rings except Swiftwolf's

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