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Strange Error Message When Joining my tekkit server

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I am currently running my server on mcprohosting and with tekkit. However, when i try to join i get a :

"09.04 19:50:04 [server] INFO vincentau9 [/] lost connection

09.04 19:50:04 [server] INFO Disconnecting vincentau9 [/]: Outdated client!

09.04 19:50:04 [server] INFO at zt.run(SourceFile:76)

09.04 19:50:04 [server] INFO at qq.c(SourceFile:9)

09.04 19:50:04 [server] INFO at qq.h(SourceFile:189)

09.04 19:50:04 [server] INFO at lx.a(SourceFile:149)

09.04 19:50:04 [server] INFO java.io.IOException: Bad packet id 71


My client and server are currently up to date so i have no idea what happened.

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