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massive pig infestation! Lagging! help!

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so as i was cruising back to my base via powersuit jetpack i start to get lots of lag. look down and i see a sight ive never seen. hundreds upon hundreds of pigs... now i come to a slideshow (virtually 1 fps for intensive purposes) and took me a few minutes but i creative moded in a tesla coil with range and speed upgrades mfsu etc etc. targets only animals. now while its working... im wondering if anyone knows a command that will just kill them all instantly??? plz help. i dont need to be eating porkchops for dinner for the next 2 months i just want them gone! btw im on singleplayer so i know nobody else spawned them in. any idea how that could have happened in the 1st place?

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The same thing happened to me and i dont know what to do!!! I was returning from mystcraft age and suddenly hundreds and hundreds of bats spawned and caused a massive lag,1 fps per 10 sec ! I have tried /butcher and /kill all ,but that commands doesnt work in tekkit! I spent alot of time in this world and i dont want to lose it. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP,how to kill all that passive mobs,why is this happening,is there anything we can do??

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