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Tekkit Classic Getting a few mods updated +2 Mods added


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one mod that can be updated is Rei's Minimap =D, here's the link to the older file

Rei's Minimap (v3.2_05)(MC-v1.2.5)


I have manually added it to Tekkit Classic at home and it works fine =D

Adding Mumfrey's Macro/keybind mod



The last mod to add is the Improved Chat Mod (A MUST have it totally useful,


the last updated version for (mc-v1.2.5)

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wow I guess I hadn't made this post too far back(quoting post date above)...

Though it feels likes months since I made this suggestion request... no one had replied so I was wondering if anyone had actually seen it or not ;_; =(

I have been using

the update mods

- Rei's Minimap (v3.2_05)(MC-v1.2.5)

- mod_macros_0.9_beta1_for_1.2.5 (It works but since the Console does not appear to be accessible on ssp map at home I have not been able to use it but it does work online Tekkit Classic Server I have been on.)

Improved Chat Mod since it is an older mod has to be added into the minecraft.jar manually so should be done by the Tekkit Team themselves...

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