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StabbyCraft[TekkitLite0.6.5][Brand new][No EE/DD/Myst][Mediumcore][Residence]


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StabbyCraft is a small Tekkit Lite server which focuses on long term gameplay. We aim to support multiple styles of play without favoring any specific one too much. All ownership/administration are mature adults, and we'll never ask you to pay in order to rank. Conversely, we only promote mature, respectful players, and have a strictly enforced set of rules to keep things enjoyable for everyone.

Host: mc.stabsoft.com

Website: http://mc.stabsoft.com/

Mediumcore features:

No teleporting except /tpa and /spawn

No quarries, no mass fabs, a few other items such as mining lasers banned at server level

Anti-grief measures:



Several banned items such as the mining laser. See list for details.

Disabled mods:




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