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xBCrafted Plays Hexxit + Seed Spotlights


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Hello im xBCrafted. I started doing commentary a few months ago. I started with seed spotlights, but i have transitioned into Lets Plays of Vanilla, FTB and Hexxit.

I am just a guy that loves Minecraft. I think that comes through in my videos. If you enjoy what you see here, feel free to stop by my channel and check out the rest.



Hexxit Seeds:

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Spawn near a castle, with tons of "Dungeon" structures around, including a Dual Spawner. As well as some great places to build. Enjoy!

Minecraft HEXXIT

Default World Generation

Seed: -86898257

Dual Dungeon:

x-137 z422


x102 z347

x-217 z105

x-353 z42


x87 z167

x-76 z97

x-320 z88


x273 z261

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