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[32x] Aedena - Aether II, Twilight Forest, misc. hexxit and tekkit blocks


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I have a texture pack going on. It's bright, colourful, hand painted, has a bit of sci fi, a bit of fantasy.

Get it here http://www.planetminecraft.com/texture_pack/aedena-pack-with-mods/

Direct downloads:

for 1.5.x https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30439462/minecraft/kriscrash15.zip

for 1.6.x https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30439462/minecraft/kriscrash16.zip

I can try to patch up my old 1.4.7 pack if there's a lot of wishes for it. I had a lot of Redpower base in there, boo.

Please download it and play and have fun! Tell me if anything is broken, request changes, request mod support, paint stuff for me, and I'll give you blocks in return!

Mod list so far:

Aether: all blocks 'cept some cloudstuff and miscellany. There's random CTM but AFAIK it doesn't work.

Twilight Forest: also ~95% of blocks, urghast mobs

Thaumcraft: ores and trees

artifice: marble/basalt 60% done

betterstorage: just some item sprites

thermalexpansion: ores. NOTE: if you're using FTB or Tekkit, this will likely be your ore textures. If not, tell me, and I'll copypaste my ores to a mod of your preference.

Natura/Tinker: working on random blocks and stuff.

I had some IC2 stuff, like the suits, but I will need to figure out where that goes now. All this format changing is confusing ;D

Permissions: Please ask me before reusing my textures or packs, thanks!

Here are some pictures










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Made a quick port of what ic2 support I have

Nano and quantum suits, uranium, tin and copper ores, blocks for them + bronze. Did iTNT (dumb TNT for comparison), rubber trees. The reinforced stone and glass are also in, but I forgot to put them. The armour stand mod does not render entirely correctly, but there you go.


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Thank you!!

School started so updates will be slow (but wonderfully therapeutic for me)


AppliedEnergistics and Forcefields ores, because it was simple… silver and copper ores are old, but I keep finding new mods that need them pasted in.

Messing with Biomes O’ Plenty ores (and gemblocks). Apatite ore is found in two mods but unless their uses are totally different I will match them. A lot of the gem ores here I recoloured from Redpower and Aether ones I did earlier. Skystone brick.


Promised Land wip!

Smoky quartz (thaumic tinkerer), just a quick recolour. Wondering if it fits my palette quite right, we’ll see


Did Saguero cactus and fruit but forgot to get a finished shot. Also a lot of Natura planks, but they are not very thrilling. And barks, and stuff.

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