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phased conductive pipe for quarry using energy bridge not working

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Hello forum,

first time on here, apologies if in wrong section. I have absolutely trawled the net for a solution, and am in dire need of your help.

I have a 3 geothermal generators powering a couple MFSU's, I am trying to power a quarry a fair distance away which has a dimensional anchor next to it. from the MFSU i have an IC2 MV Consumer > energy bridge > BC Producer > wooden conductive pipe > golden conductive pipe > phased conductive pipe (set to freq 10 and send only) all power cables are glass fiber.

at the quarry I have golden conductive pipe > phased conductive pipe (also set to 10 and send and receive) and no power runs to it, both at the powered side and the quarry side. The phased pipes when set to the same freq recognise each other.

There doesn't seem to be too much information about this that I can find, any help would be greatly appreciated

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