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▪ROD▪[1.5.2]Realms of Denryden: NOVA[50 Slot][GriefPrevention][Chestshop][IC2|BC|CC|TC|etc]

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- 50 Slots - Grief Prevention - PayDay - ChestShops - Factions - 100+ Mods

- Server IP: nova.realmsofdenryden.com - Website: http://realmsofdenryden.com/ -

- Teamspeak IP: ts3.realmsofdenryden.com - Modpack:


Reminder: Increase your PermGen Size before Launching to avoid crashing, click on the Cog on the top-right of your launcher, checkmark Increase PermGen Size, and save!


Nova is a largely machine oriented Modpack, bringing together all of your favorite Machinery mashed up into one. We even bring some exceptions left and right to further improve the modpack's gameplay including things such as Thaumcraft, Hats, ExtrabiomesXL, and more. Nova does not require any application and has a small spawn with a simple set of rules and banned items for you to read before jumping right into playing on the server. We also include a small admin shop at spawn as well, general building blocks ready to be bought at ease with money you make from killing off mobs and just being online and active. We assure you that your experience will not be hindered by the banned items, as they are there to preserve your way of living, and to make sure you are never griefed nor raided, other bans being improvement in stability, and maintaining challenge and longer playability.



  • Do not spam nor excessively capitalize your words or any sort of foul language.
  • Do not beg for any items or anything in general.
  • Respect all other members and staff. Do not commit any sort of harassment such as constantly messaging, annoying, following another player.
  • Do not build near spawn, it'd be best if you move far and build far from spawn not only to be safe, but to keep areas near spawn clean at best. World Radius is 10K.
  • Any sort of cheating is not allowed. It will result in a permanent ban if you are found cheating. Any usage of fly mods, speed hacks, or duplication bugs fall under this category.
  • Please contact a Mod or some sort of staff if you find any bugs so we can work on solving the issue.
  • Explosives and Inventory Loss are off.
  • Griefing is not allowed. Don't touch machines nor houses which you know are not yours.

Plugins (Can Change):

  • Grief Prevention
  • Factions (Used to group/gather friends and chat privately)
  • FactionsChat
  • EcoCreatures
  • AutoSaveWorld
  • PayDay
  • PlayerVaults
  • iDisguise
  • ClearLag
  • PermissionsEx
  • SimpleReserve
  • Votifier
  • Buycraft
  • Ban Management

Main Mods:

  • IndustrialCraft
  • Buildcraft
  • Forestry
  • GregTech
  • DartCraft
  • ExtraBiomes
  • Steve's Carts
  • Thermal Expansion
  • Modular PowerSuits
  • Tinker's Construct
  • MineFactory RELOADED
  • Applied Energistics
  • Universal Electricity
  • ThaumCraft
  • GalactiCraft




Naturally spawning floating Slime Islands.


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UPDATE 1.0.3 !

  • Added Wireless Redstone + Addons + Logic
  • Added Multipart + AddMicro
  • Added Redstone In Motion
  • Added Extra Utilities
  • Updated Applied Energistics (r13)
  • Updated Thaumcraft (3.0.5i)
  • Updated TreeCapitator (r14)
  • Updated Gregtech (3.11)
  • Updated CustomNPCs (New Skins)
  • Updated ExtraBees (1.7.5)
  • Removed Vending

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