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Hexxit - The Headren War


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Hey guys! I've got something awesome for you to today!

I'm Satiel, part of the YouTube gaming channel Challenge Accepted. We LOVE making content that people really enjoy watching and talking about. We've been working hard on a new series using Hexxit. Here's a picture!


Caption: Destroying ol' Thousandarms, huzzah!

What's unique about this series?

Well, it's hand-crafted by one of our members. We have an elaborate story built into a customized map. The story itself is inspired by games that we played and loved when we were younger, so there are a lot of familiar elements! Like questing, saving damsels in distress and destroying horrible creatures!

Plans for this series?

We actually are releasing the maps for this series to everyone, hoping that our own creativity will inspire others to create some awesome things too. Play through our world! Let us know what you love and what you despise!


Since the map is primarily made by one of our members, most of us have NO idea what is gonna happen! So there's an essence of mystery surrounding each play-through, which is why we record in the first place - we enjoy sharing that experience with our viewers. Your feedback is priceless!

Here go the Prologue and First Episode:


Part 1

Here at Challenge Accepted, we love getting feedback from everyone. So, if you've got any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line at any of these places:



YouTube Channel

And here on this forum of course! Thanks again guys and take care!

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