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Energy bridge through an energy tesseract?


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I'm trying to use my bases EU power grid to operate a far off quarry. i've got an energy bridge turning my power supply into MJ so i can transmit it though an energy tesseract and power the quarry. the problem being the energy bridge only transforms power when needed and that detection doesn't transmit through the tesseract.

is there a way to force the energy bridge to stay on? instead of only being on when needed?

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well thanks for all the replies guys. it seems this isn't possible so to power my quarry, i've got 2 redstone engines powering a pump in the nether thats kept loaded by a nearby quarry. lava goes into an ender tank, that comes out of another ender tank in the overworld thats powering 6 geothermal engines producing EU, goes into an MFS thats connected to an energy bridge powering the quarry thats mining. god i miss the electric engine and the ultimate lappack, thats how i powered my quarry on feed the beast haha

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