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Quarry Quarrel


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Okay I think this is in the right forum area.

I have a quarry set up on a tekkit server the individual parts work fine but the actual quarry doesn't build. I have one working fine on a single player world and it's more or less the same setup:

Quarry has 3 Combustion Engines facing it in a line, all powered by fuel from an Oil Fabricator > Refinery and cooled by water directly from a pump. The engines have redstone power too and when switch on they all have full fuel, water and animate as working.

To mark out the area I put down all landmarks before activating the first one I placed and then placing the quarry adjacent to it. The landmarks all popped off the ground and the black and yellow border covers the entire 63 x 63 area.

Problem is when i switch it on although the engines "work" the quarry doesn't build the frame.

Do I really need to clear the entire area of the frame to get it to build, i thought the blocks would just be destroyed? Does the quarry need redstone input as well? I can post photos if need be but the setup is mostly hidden by walls. I assume it's something basic I've missed but any feedback appreciated.

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