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Half of my logistics pipes just stopped working/aren't connected?


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Images of the issue here

Hey everyone - So I put together a simple logistics setup that includes macerators, electric furnaces, DSUs, and chests. Using a phased transport pipe, my quarry would send items into the logistics setup and they're sorted into chests. It was working 100%, no problems. One day, a few of the pipes just disconnected from the system and I can't figure out why. The Logistics Power Junction is 100% full, I didn't make any changes to the system between when it worked and when it stopped working... Any idea what might be the problem?

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If anyone else runs into this issue, here's the solution. The server I was playing on ran out of memory, so it glitched out the logistics setup and made it think that some of them weren't getting power. I asked the server owner to restart it and fixed itself.

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