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[1.0.5]FULLY FLARED HEXXIT v3 Factions) Raid) Grief) Capture the Flag) PlayerShops) No Lag)64-Slots)


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IP: flare.g.akliz.net

Fully Flared Hexxit


Fully Flared is a Hexxit Server featuring Custom Plugins, Playershops, Mini-Games Like Capture the Flag (Hunger Games Coming Very Soon!) We declared war against lag and unresponsiveness to insure that you have a smooth time on the server. We run multiple plugins to help with the lag, and custom files and tweaking to make sure you get the most from the server! Our server is hosted by the Recommended Hexxit Host Akliz. We have 64 Slots and plenty of room to explore the world with no lag. We are also looking to hire experienced Moderators to the server. Come on and Join us!

Visit us at our website at http://www.fullyflared.org

Banned Items

-Magic Pickaxe

-Rift Swords

-Ender Bow

Only 3!


-Do Not Use Hacks or Hacked Clients

-Do Not Chat Spam

-You are allowed to use Caps, but don't abuse it

-Do not Abuse your /tpa or /tpahere commands

-Do not Complain to Staff about Grief/Raid/PvP because it IS ALLOWED!

Featured Plugins



-Combat Log



-Factions Plus

-Time Is Money

-ScoreBoard Stats






-Fe (Economy)

Join us! IP: flare.g.akliz.net

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Allright to everyone who is frustrated with Fully Flared and what happened to it, here is the story.

Fez was and still is a nice guy who enjoyed being in the server business. However, too many things interfered with his server life. (Band, high school, friends wanting to hang out). As Fully Flared started to fade away, he needed a jump start to revive his server. Fez thought that it was his staff team who was the issue. I do admit that we did accidentally ban a top donor for a misunderstanding and that is what made him snap. He played off a ruse to replace his staff team by flat out lying to us saying that he is quitting. Some left, but others wanted to keep the server alive. Seeing that his plan wasn't working he banned the last remaining staff.

At that moment, we created Flamed Gaming. Which then got changed to BuckaFuffalo Gaming, then to Buffalo Gaming, NOW to Fully Flamed Gaming. (Lol). Anyways, we started up a back up community for whenever Fez's community faded away. And that is exactly what happened. He lost a HUGE proportion of his staff team costing him greatly. As some of you may know, we did start up a Hexxit server that just recently was terminated.... Don't ask me. Pyto Hosting is a terrible host. Crashing the server 24/7, terrible support from their technical staff, then a major shut down for all of their servers in Dallas!! So we switched to the host Fez used for his server. Expensive, but professional hosting and technical help is always key! The server will be up this week.

So please don't think that Fez abandoned you. It wasn't his fault at all. Too much school, and life in general couldn't take another commitment.

Many of us responded with anger and probably hatred towards Fez for brutally lying and booting us. Either way, Fully Flamed Gaming would have happened sooner or later because Fez has now officially retired.


Staff from Fully Flared - Gone Head Managers: 3Sockz, OrlyBrah(TrollKhan) All joined other communities. Then told us Fez retired.

Website: Down www.fullyflared.org

Team Speak 3 Server: Down

FFG Technic Post: Unactive since October 3, 2013

In regard to all the players of Pwnage, Mobius, and Fully Flared, you will get your ranks and kits and all that stuff back if you just ask :)

Come join us!

Click on the banner


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