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A lot of problems with Tekkit classic =(


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Hi there!

I have searched the forums and the web, but sadl there was no solution for my problems...

After a while, when I play, the sound system shuts down. I have tried the windows sound manager and even F3 + S, but the game stays calm. Suprisingly all achievements are getting deleted by this error. The only solution is to restart Tekkit...

The other thing is, that a lot of operations regarding the right mouse button are not working... I can't use the wrench on iron pipes to change theyre direction (suprisingly it works on batboxes) and the placing of items using right-clicking and holding, does not work either.

I tried reinstalling the game, but the errors remain. I don't have any problems with Hexxit or vanilla in several versions.

I hope someone is out there, who can help me and I don't have to set up my own Tekkit versions downloading all mods by myself ^^

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