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[3.1.2] Voxelloop Tekkit [Factions] [PVP] [No Lag] [Friendly Staff]

Dean Reid

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Server IP: tekkit.voxelloop.co.uk:2222


- Don't spam chat

- Don't Grief or Raid PEACEFUL Factions

- Flying is only permitted using a Swiftwolfs Rending Gale

- Extra Client Mods are Banned

- Respect Staff and other Members

- Death Happens, Don't complain.

- Check out other Rules in the Server


We don't have many banned items but mostly only include Duping Items and Lag Items

- Void Ring - 'Dupe Bugs'

- Watch of Flowing Time - 'Can Break Machines'

- Dimensional/World Anchors - 'They are allowed but you need to ask an admin to place one'

- Hyperkinetic Lens

- World Anchor Cart - 'Can Cause Lag'

- Feeding Station - 'Can cause Animal Overflow'

- Dark Matter Pedestal - 'Can crash the server'

- Volcanite Amulet - 'Can crash the server'

- ALL NUKES BANNED - 'TNT is allowed

- Ring of Ignition

- Mercurial Eye

We are flexible, If there are any items that are needed to be Added/Taken away, Let us know and Why!


VoxelLoop Tekkit aims to be one of the best Tekkit Classic servers.

We make sure that our staff are friendly and do not abuse their powers

and we will take good suggestions from any of our users!

Come join us today and come join the fun!


- Lag Free

- Friendly Staff

- Factions


- Hardly any banned items


Worried about lag? Don't worry! The founder of VoxelLoop (Not the Server) is also the CEO of VLHosting

Our Tekkit server will always get access to our most high end hardware running on an Intel E3 1245v2 Processor at 3.8Ghz,

As our server expands we will increase the RAM and system if needed to keep the lag to the minimal!

Our system is located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

It has good connection to most of the world and should provide a lag free environment!


These are images of our spawn area, It was built by Rburgess1997 so thank him when you see him.

Main Spawn Area


Industrial Credits Store




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Nice server but it does have lag quiet frequenctly I am afraid. I was told by other players that this has only been the case recently (I have only played 1 day so far) but there seems to be block lag (blocks won't disappear) every hour or so. This is not just me as friends playing on the server told me the same problem and so did other players. I am living in Central Europe so shouldn't have a connection problem either and I know its now my computer. So I would ask the owner if he reads this to fix the problem asap. Other than that nice server.

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