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Multimeter doesn't work


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Hello there,

I wanted to use the Multimeter in Big Dig (from ModPack ThermalExpansion), but it doesn't work properly. If I want to measure a redstone energy conduits or liquiducts the multimeter does nothing. I can measure with the multimeter the machines like a pulverizer, powered furnace etc. It shows (if the machine is runnig) for example 2.0 (2MJ / Tick).

But the multimeter should be able to messure redstone energy conduits and liquiducts too.

I quote the wiki:

"The Multimeter (formally MJ Reader) is a tool added by Thermal Expansion. The Multimeter allows you to measure MJ. It can read network saturation, conduit averages, and the energy requested by a machine."

Maybe anyone have an idea?

Thank you

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