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White boxes Inventory & toomanyitems bug


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I have had this bug for days and its been bugging me way too much to play. Everything in my inventory turns to white boxes/blocks as i move my mouse around. It starts at the helmet slot permanently and moves down as i move my mouse. and it goes over into the too many items area. At first i would fix the issues by re-installing technic launcher and remover emerald/sapphire/ruby tools but now its just there always no matter whats in my inventory. it links itself to an item. Example: i had a diamond sword and if i moved it to the upper most left box in my inventory and moved my mouse down the boxes would not advance onto other items. Please help i love tekkit classic but this completely ruins the game for me. I have no idea what to do. I updated java, i re installed technic soo many times AND deleted all the local files. i've been searching for days and i can find a solution.

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