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Hosting Voltz War (Players Needed!)


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Hello everyone,

A Friend and have have been playing Voltz together for some time. We wage little wars against each other and it was fun, but we felt like something was missing. We realized that the misssing element was more players. So now we invite anyone willing to join and fight in a glorious battle of tactics and strategy. We hold very little rules, only those to keep the game slightly more balanced and not OP.

Rule #1: No Hypersonic Explosives or missiles (Sonics are okay though)

Rule #2: Bases Must Be no farther than 1000 blocks from spawn and no lower than level 40

Rule #3: All is fair in love and war, But don't be an ass

We welcome all, but please learn how to play before joining. Please email [email protected] to get whitelisted, and with any questions.

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