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1.1.8 New player Q's: No uranium ore, what to change in configuration file

Steve From Marketing

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Steve here again. I'm having trouble finding uranium ore on our server running standard Tekkit 1.1.8.

Am I correct to assume that uranium ore is not enabled by default based on this in the cfg file:


B:"Generate Uranium Ore"=false


So if this is change to true and server rebooted then new chunks should possibly generate uranium ore in them?

Also what do these cfg's do and should they be changed:


B:"Allow Layered Turbines"=false

B:"Allow Radioactive Ores"=false

B:"Allow Toxic Waste"=true

B:"Disable Radiation"=false

B:"Radioactive Ores"=false

I:"Steam Ratio"=40

D:"Turbine Output Multiplier"=4.5

I:"Uranium Hexafluoride Ratio"=200


The setting "Allow Radioactive Ores = false" is a bit confusing one when there is the "Generate Uranium Ore" setting and uranium ore is radioactive I believe.

Ps. What is uranite/uraninite? I googled a bit and that word came up in a few posts.

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Ok so Uranite is a product of Uranium, I haven't played around uranium to much.

You are right.


B:"Generate Uranium Ore"=false


Change to true and you should start to see Uranium in new chunks/mystcraft worlds. It is rare though.

I set Radioactive Ores to true, it is a little more fun running in to it.

All it dose is give you radiation when you get close to the Uranium block. You can hold the block in your inventory just fine, watch out when your mining though!

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