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[Hexxit 1.0.5]BinaryDissonance[PvP allowed][64 slots][Open to All]


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Hi folks, I just built out my new server and fired up Hexxit for a change of pace. I plan to run this for the forseeable future, and welcome any who want to try to make a brand new server their own. I play leisurely at my own pace, but I just look forward to seeing what the server can become.

No mods have been removed. Or added.

The server will run 24/7.

No fees or bs.

As I said, I have just built this and spawned the world, I have barely run around in the world for a day.

The Server is a 12-core AMD Opteron machine. (3.0 Ghz)

SSD storage

10GB of RAM allotted to Minecraft currently. Option for much more if necessary.

Located west coast USA.

You can connect at:


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