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youtube whitelisted server needed


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hey people i want to play on a server for my youtube channel, the problem is i want to play voltz but it is no fun to play by myself so i want a whitelisted server just for me and my friends and anyone who wants to join. please make a server(i cant make my own server) and tell me the port id, my username is pokemon249(its on old username) and you dont need a headset because i dont have one and ill tell you who i want to be on when i know thier usernames. thanks.

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thanks but i already have an server being made but is taking too long.when you finish the server email me. [email protected] and i will tell you if the other server has been made or not. if not i will accept your offer and will tell you my friends usernames. can't wait to hear from you. and anybody else that would like to talk to me about a server email me.

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