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[1.1.10] Maximum Tekkit [Survival] [25 Slots] [No Whitelist] [Few banned items!]


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Maximum Tekkit

  • IP:
  • Website: http://www.maximumtekkit.enjin.com
  • Anti Hacking, Duping and Exploiting
  • Online 24/7
  • Banned items! Chunk Loader, Flint&Steel, Teleport Tether and Dimensional Doors MOD (Only 1 active Quarry per player)
  • PVP survival, only the spawn is protected
  • Minium Stone and Power Armour are enabled!

We have a beautiful simple spawn, a website to help and build a community, responsible owner, good staff, no lag and useful commands including teleportation request and set home.

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Hi thee mate ive tried joining youre server a few times now and keep getting the same error message, something about my Forge Mod Loader not being able to load the right version of ee3, I have the latest version of ee3 and im running tekkit on 1.1.8, if you have any idea why that would be it would be most helpful thx, heres a screen grab:


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