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Tekkit Classic not loading mods


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Hello all!

Recently, I have been trying to install Immibis's Peripherals so I can use the RFID Cards and the Mag Strip Cards. When starting the game up(without the mod), it will load just fine, but when I place Immibis Peripherals in the mods folder the game will start up, and after the Mojang screen, it will go white. Once the screen goes white it doesn't do anything, not even a crash report. Are some mods incompatible? Am I using the proper version? Must I change a configuration file? I cannot figure out what could possibly go wrong.

Please let me know if, and what, files you need to view to solve this issue.

Thank you so much!

Sidenote: After loading the game up without the mod, I found that when I click on 'Mods' in the game's main menu, none of the mods have info files, yet when I open the .zip files up, they have mcmod.info files there. I don't know if this helps or not.

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