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[1.0.7] Fallen Throne[PvP/ Adventure][30][Open][MCmmo, Jobs, towny

Fallen Throne

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Connection info



Player controlled Economy

Active Staff


No lag







No killing in spawn

No spamming chat

Respect staff

General common sense

Blacklisted items

Emperors chalice



Sojourners staff


Ender Bow

Chest transporter

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Literally on of the best servers I had played until I had to talk to storm (admin) about twiz stealing form my town

After i had told storm about the theft he came to my town and did nothing followed by yelling at me for accusing twiz of stealing and when i told storm i had the proof to accuse him and continually gave him my evidence he refused to do anything and then warned me not to talk to him in this manner ever again

I don't play servers with ridiculous staff like this it would have taken 5 seconds to look at the log of twiz's stealing from my town and this should have resulted in a ban on twiz but no i was victimized and yelled at and warned with banning.... I am done with this server

After 4 years of minecraft i have never yelled at a computer screen so hard i felt like i was dealing with the BMV attempting to do something as easy as asking for a pencil sharpener while being told that the pencil is actually already sharp and not to say the pencil is dull and getting threatened with the equivalent of jail.

Great server with at least 1 horrible admin don't let people into your town that you don't trust because they can take anything and admins wont do their job.

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And yes i did call storm some choice words he/she/robotBMVoperator deserved.

gera and taylor are great admins/owner respectively just make sure 1 of those 2 are the 1's u complain to

also plz give my town to nukebomb

but i have to suspect storm most likely gave it to twiz XD because F logic

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