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Settings for tesseracts


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Hello Everyone,

I did my homework but couldn't find any reliable source.

What are the config settings available for tesseracts in thermal expansion?

I am looking into increasing the power transfer since I can make more tesseracts to send more power, but it would just "bloat" things and I don't like the idea.

I think the configuration I want to change is:


but I am not sure as I can't find a reference.

The config file I have doesn't even HAVE this setting :|

Anyone knows of any documentation?

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These are the values you're looking for, placed in the ThermalExpansion.cfg file in the cofh folder of config. They go under the tweak section. For some reason the author took them out but they are still usable in the current version. Bear in mind that, to my knowledge anyway, there is no way to alter how much energy you can put into a face of an energy tesseract at this time, so it's limited to 100 MJ/t. This will only affect how much each face can put out.



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