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Modular Powersuits Spazzing Out


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I love Voltz and this is a bug that just randomly started one day. Whenever I try to open up a voltz GUI like the custom armor or the tinker table or whenever I take out my power claw the bottom of my screen starts freaking out. Like I am still able to play but at the bottom where your health hunger and armor bars are it is stuck switching back and forth from my power claw and other thing it just switches back and forth over and over and whenever I change the GUI scale the size of the black part that appears adjusts with it and whenever I open the power armor tinker table it starts flashing and if I exit there is only a tiny little square that actually keeps on playing. I have played on other modpacks like Yoggit on FTB but the problem doesnt happen there. So my question is this. HOW THE HECK DO I FIX IT PLEASE!?!?!? D: I really need some help with this so please if you know how to fix it tell me if I need to be more descriptive let me know also.

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