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[Voltz V2.0.4]Fear Voltz [Pvp][50 slots][No Whitelist][No Removed Mods]


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Server IP: drachost.info



0. Raiding/Grifeing is Allowed

1. Don't disrespect

2. Don't cheat/hack

3. Don't ask for op/Ranks

4. Don't Ask for items

5. Keep all Cursing to a minimum

6. Respect all Players

7. Have Fun and Kick ass and chew bubble gum!!


No Removed Mods

No banned items



1. Group Manager

2. Clear Lag

3. World Edit

4. World Guard

5. Chop Tree2

6. Essentials

7. Chest Shop

8. Essentials Chat

9. Essentials Spawn


Server Description

well i made a bad 1st post so im here to fix it

well Fear voltz is a pvp server so there will be

alot of battling in over world and the moon

is not any safer than over world. so i hope to see you in the server

and remeber to have fun and to respect others

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