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[1.5.2]FarmersCraft Official[Survival][PvE][Economy][Jobs][Anti-Grief][24/7][NO LAG][Towns/Farms]

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This server is our very own webhosted server, with a twist! Our staff is very friendly, the players are very helpful; the server community is very welcoming. This modpack was supposed to just be one that I put together for my friend, I had no idea that so many players would enjoy it also! ^~^'

Rules: Griefing and raiding will NOT tolerated, but PvP (by consent) is alright. Do not destroy any other player's crops without their permission. And please replace whatever you harvest or slaughter, replant and breed (not at the same time of course! xD)

The point of the server is to provide players with a community-based economical system that they can build cities, farms, plantations, and any other sort of type of settlement you can think of. The economy is mostly EssentialsEco; but for the mods (namely Harvestcraft) I am using SignShop to allow players to buy and sell their crops.

The server itself has an array of mods, including Pam's Harvestcraft, Camping, Bibliocraft, and more. I have also integrated plugins into the server files as well!

Plugins: Essentials, Group Manager, World Guard, SignShop, McMMO, Jobs, Bankcraft, GriefPrevention, WorldWarp, and WorldEdit.

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