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[1.5.2] Nuclear Paradise[24/7][Open][Guns][PVP][50 Slots][Science][War]

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Nuclear Paradise


Modpack page: http://www.technicpack.net/modpack/details/nuclear-paradise.189647

Some of our mods:

Atomic Science- Create realistic reactors and other scientific stuff.

Flans Mod with FruitSalad's MW3 pack- GUNS!

Assembly line- Make huge, automated uranium processing plants! Or a mall with an escalator.

Minechem-Mess with the atoms that make up our world. Or make artificial steak.

ICBM-Nuke your enemies, or send chemical missiles to troll your friends.

Applied Energistics-Make vast, complicated storage networks.

Computercraft-Program your own computer.

LOTS More!


Respect Staff

No Hacking/Exploiting

Keep foul language to a minimum.

This is a brand new server so its likely there will be some open spots but it is unknown at this time.

Info: We are a modded factions pvp server that, with the needed number of people, hope to achieve fast paced, high tension, nuclear war. We are brand new, and are still getting set up, but we are excited to get the server out there as you are! Hope to see you on.

Server Administators




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