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Hello and Welcome to Renegade-Builders !!!


We are experienced server owners that offer a lag-free, Tekkit Classic Server.

We have No griefing, No PvP in the main world and PvP, Grief, Factions in the other.

The Best Of Both Worlds ! Eh, what more could you ask for ? :)

All of our Staff are friendly, Approachable, fair and mature and will help with anything that is needed.

and as always...

We take pride in giving YOU the players, the best damn experience that you could possibly ever get !

ANY thing that you would like to see happen ie plugins/forum changes/extra worlds/new arenas ect ect Just Post in the Forums for all to see !!!

" if the players want it, give it to em' "

+ Make Sure you Vote for us EVERYDAY and get a....

Voting Reward of:

* £2000 in Game Money

* 2 MK1 Collectors

* 1 MK1 Relay

* 1 Golden Shovel

* 1 Personal Chest

* 1 Iron Furnace

* 10 Coal

* 32 Yellow Torches

* 2 Steaks

Make sure you sign up on the website as you may not be given your rewards !

Here's just a taste of our Spawn :)


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