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1.1.8 Galacticraft Oxygen Sealers causing huge lag

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I'm having problems with Galacticrafts Oxygen Sealers. Based on my testing it seems that everytime I try to enable a seal, it will seal an area, it causes enormous "lag". What I mean that when I break blocks or pull levers, collect items or interact with anything it's all lagging like hecklingfudgestick.

I did several different combinations of Oxygen Collecotors, Redstone Energy Conduits, Oxygen Pipes, Sealable Oxygen Pipes and Oxygen Sealers. It's would seem that it's always the part when I'm able to seal an area and enable the seal it this lagging starts. So it would appear to be somehow caused by the Oxygen Sealers or the Oxygen Sealers trigger this problem that could be in a different GC block.

Has anyone else encountered this?

I'm also 99,99% sure that this is caused by Galacticraft so please don't bother blabbering nonsense about hardware, software, drivers, network connections or the server.

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