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The Adventureres Mod Pack LP! (Hexxit 1080p)


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MamokinPlays here with a new awesome lets play!

Looking for an interesting modpack to watch and help the player get through? Then watch this lets play, comment on the videos on what I should do or if I missed anything!

Let me know if you guys want to see this played in a livestream sometime!

I promise that I will listen to what you guys have to say and I always reply back!

Any questions? Please tweet them @MamoPlays

Episode 1

The Adventurers Mod Pack (Hexxit)


[Click image to watch]

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Hey all here is episode 3 of The Adventurers Mod Pack show as well as links to the livestreams showing what happened afterwards if anyone wonders how I came to get certain things when they see them in the next official episode.

Episode 3

Taming Chocobos!


Hexxit Livstream #1

Hexxit Livstream #2

Have a awesome day!

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I am now streaming the Adventurers Mod Pack (Hexxit HD) via Twitch! I have failed to see a location as to where people are posting LIVESTREAMS and I keep getting infractions along with an bogus icon I guess I will have to post it in Lets Plays :/


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