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Tekkit lite server not quite working, not sure what issue is.


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I started a tekkit lite server, and me and anyone connected to my home internet can play on it by putting in the IP, but anyone who isn't connected to my internet can't play, and they get the error message "cannot reach server" is this just a range issue, or is it something else? thanks for any and all help.

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What do you mean by connected to home internet?

If you mean all at your house are sharing the internet, then they will actually being using your LAN either wired or wireless, connecting to your server through the LAN.

If you want someone outside your network ie someone on their own internet connection, then you will need to use either a vpn setup like Hamachi, or better still set up port forwarding on your router. portforward.com will probably have your router in its list, and show you how to do it.

You'll need to know the internal ip address of the PC you are using as a server, internal being 192.168* and forward the minecraft port to that ip.

Then tell your external friends your internet ip and port, and they should be able to connect.

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