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I really like the familiars mod by pitman-87. It adds some entities that float around your head and give you special powerups. The only thing I think is a little overpowered, is alot of the mobs require less than 20 xp to unlock, giving you pretty overpowered effects. Id suggest after adding this mod, make every entity cost more than 30 xp. (To limit abuse) Here is a link to the mod...


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I Think Hexxit Should add the Hats mod to there pack because it adds more Things to do most people would love to go around and Try to Collect all the hats that they can and then in Future updates they could add different hat addon's to keep the players collecting.

And you Could also Host a competition where the winner gets his own hat added to the mod :3

http://ichun.us/mods/hats/ is the Site the mod is from.

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