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Making Server For Tekkit Classic Need Imput and Staff


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Greetings fellow gamer's,

I am making a new Tekkit Classic Server and I would like to know if there are any mods or and plugins that you would recommend me to add to my server.

I currently have the following mods in mind.

  • World Guard
  • DisquiseCraft
  • Factions
  • TreeDecapitator
  • MobBounty(Prices for mobs have already been decided on.)
  • iConomy
  • Chestshop(Work in process)
  • LWC(chest protection{let me know if world guard is better at chest protection and/or will it allow me to protect and allow me to set certain areas that guard the chest and allow the shop owner to use the chests only!})
  • WorldEdit
  • BeastNode
  • Group Manager
  • (Can anyone tell me the name of the mod that removes the GUI screen when trying to type on screens in ComputerCraft. We all know that the GUI screen is a pain and i'm hoping I can find the mod that removes the GUI screen and allows you to type/edit in front of the screen.)

Rules and Information are soon to come and I will be updating this forum every other day.

Layout of spawn is already been decided.

P.S. The next update will be about signing up for Staff and getting volunteer builders.

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