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[3.1.2][24/7]Tek-Toniks[PvE & PvP][24 slots][Greylist][Towny][GriefPreventions][EE][No-Grief][Eco]


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General Information:

IP: tekkit.tek-toniks.us

Teamspeak IP: ts3.tek-toniks.us






  • 24/7 Above 99% Shown here.
  • Server saved every hour.
  • Website = 24/7



  • Member

Donator: (Donator ranks can be viewed here: http://tek-toniks.us/shop):

When donating on the shop you will receive your rank automatically and your perks.

  • Sapphire $5,
  • Ruby $15
  • Emerald $30

Staff:(Must play the server for at least a week and apply here:

  • Moderator
  • Super-Mod
  • Admin
  • Op (Operator)
  • Owner


Tek-Toniks is a towny survival server that have a striving great community. Always there to help new players and make them welcome. Also great staff members (We are always looking for more) that can assist you as well. We believe that the players should run the economy so we made it so players sell to other players either by our auction plugin or purchasing a plot at /warp market and selling/buying items there. You can get $1000, 1 RM and 1 DM from voting (Link was listed above). EE is also enabled which makes tekkit classic the best :). We hope to host events frequently with prizes and rewards to be handed out ranging from ranks to items.


  • Be king and respectful to everyone
  • No griefing/Stealing
  • No Hacking
  • No duping or exploiting
  • No Racism
  • Don't ask for staff or items
  • No Raiding


- AutoAnounncer (This allows us to post timed messages on the server)

- BlockAmount (This was a custom plugin made, so we could restrict the amount of mk3 power flowers could be made per rank)

- BuyRegion (This is an automatic plot purchasing system used in the player market)

- ChestShop (Used for players to buy/sell items)

- CoreProtect (When someone griefs something, we can find out who it is and rollback the grief and punish the player)

- DisguiseCraft (Donators to disguise into mobs etc..)

- Essentials (The main plugin :) )

- Floauctions (Allows players to auction items, /auction help)

- GriefPreventions (Allows players to protect an area, Visit: www.tek-toniks.us/protect)

- PermissionsEX (Setting Permissions)

- TekkitRestrict (Patch Dupes and disabled items)

- Towny (Users to create towns and to bond with each other)

- Vortifier (Players can vote and receive their rewards)

- WorldGuard & WorldEdit (Op+ Plugins, modify landscapes and protect large areas)

Removed/Disabled Mods: None

Banned Items: When In game type /warp info

This Thread will be edited more, I just have to sleep now and will make it a lot better in the morning :)

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